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Lori Lano

Lori has been practicing and teaching American Yoga (AY) and mindfulness meditation at The Foundation and around the country since 1975. She has served on the AYF Board of Directors and has been AYF Treasurer since 1996.

In addition to her routine Treasurer duties, Lori has been developing and managing fundraising campaigns for the AYF since 2006. In 2018 she played a lead role in establishing an Endowment Fund to help sustain the work of the AYF into the future.

As a photographer and by demonstrating exercises, Lori helped create the seminal “Yoga for Athletics” book with AYF Founders Monica Lind Hathaway and Harmon Hathaway in 1977.  She also co-authored a CD-slideshow of "American Yoga Foundation Alignment" with Bruce Lano in 2006.

Over the years Lori has led and assisted in conducting seminars & classes of American Yoga including teaching  "Alignment in Daily Activities" summer workshops and giving private sessions. She also assisted Monica and Harmon at AYF workshops given in Montreal and (the Mid-West Foundation of American Yoga) in Chicago. Lori also sponsored an AYF Open House in 2011, and organized and coordinated yearly AYF Summer Internships for college students starting in 2012. 


See additional teaching locations below:

In 1979 and 80, Lori and Bruce taught American Yoga at Coral Ridge Psychiatric Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. They also taught AY Bodywork/Alignment classes and workshops at Laughing Sky in Meredith, NY 1999; Harmony Hill-Meredith, NY 2006 &7; Glimmerglass Creative Learning Center-Cooperstown, NY 2006; Blue Deer in Margaretville, NY-2006; Peacehaven in Binghamton, NY; Foundation of Light in Ithaca, NY; and Lifeworks in Boca Raton, FL and Delray Beach, FL; and introduced AY at the Standard Spa, Miami Beach, FL 2012.

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