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The specific and primary Mission and purposes for which this corporation was formed and exists are educational – to instruct students in the use of American yoga, the study of which provides a foundation, principles, and techniques for liberating the body, speech, and mind from inhibiting environmental conditioning through bodywork and mindfulness meditation (Adapted from corporate Bylaws, 1970).The Foundation for the Study of American Yoga (AYF) is a democratic study center. All students of American Yoga are friends in the work. Rather than engage in competition, those who study and practice at the Foundation fully respect all doctrines students explore here. Whether students approach their religious studies in a devotional, scholarly, worshipful, or emotional belief sense is the free choice of each person. Mindfulness and bodywork are the fundamental practices offered through the Foundation and engaged in by students of American Yoga. These practices are useful tools for all religious seekers to examine whatever arises physically and mentally, and are never used to convert people from one belief to another. Current students of The AYF welcome all those who are interested in continuing the traditions and teachings that form the foundation of “the work” practiced here as detailed above and works noted below.


1. The Mission Statement is based on the writings of Monica Hathaway (1995)

2. Mindfulness practice as practiced and taught at the AYF is described in pp.110-117 in “Because You Were Born”, by Monica Hathaway (1991).

3. ‘Bodywork’ as practiced and taught at the AYF consists of alignment and breath work. For more information, see “Hathaway Alignment Sessions”, by Harmon Hathaway (1996), and “Foundation Alignment”, a CD slideshow series by Lori Lano and Bruce Lano,(2006).

Board of directors of The Foundation for the Study of American Yoga: 

Carolyn June – President
Bruce Lano – Vice President
Lori Lano – Treasurer
  tbd      – Secretary
William Stenz
Susan Rochmis
Dr. Michael Cook
Jason Lindow
Michael Karlovich
Dan Grossman

Alex Clain

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